Deluxe Pet Sitters takes the worry out of finding a sitter for my much loved critters when I leave town. Lori and her team accommodate for their schedule and habits. My pets are happy staying in their own home without disruption while I am gone. They love the attention they get.
-D. Shoemaker

Speck, our 17 year old diabetic cat, needs a lot of care – insulin shots twice a day, thyroid medicine, potassium supplements, and a fresh bowl of tuna as soon as you walk into the house! Needless to say, she is a high maintenance diva who rules the roost. The care, love, and attention Lori and her team at Deluxe Pet Sitters provide Speck when we are away is nothing short of amazing. Whether it’s administering medication, providing extra TLC, or even calling the vet to get a refill on a prescription because we forgot to do it before we left, Lori treats Speck like one of her own. It’s reassuring to know that we’re leaving our pet in such capable and compassionate hands. I would recommend Deluxe Pet Sitters to anyone!
– Kelli Kramer

I don’t know what I would do without you! Seriously! It’s hard to express to you how comforting it is to know that you are there to take care of my babies (dogs) when I travel so often. Since I’ve found you I no longer worry at all that they are ok and being taken care of because I KNOW they are. To be able not to worry about them is worth everything to me. I trust you explicitly! In fact, now when I come back I swear I get the “oh…you are not Lori” look!! Thanks for everything!
-P. Terrell

I highly recommend Deluxe Pet Sitters. My dog Heidi (almost 4 years old, female, St. Bernard, Bernese Mountain Dog combo), has been with Lori since she was a puppy. She goes to doggy day care (aka Deluxe Pet Sitters) every day of the week all year long. Not only do I know that she is safe and sound, but she's happy, well walked and never comes home dirty. All the dogs are interviewed to make sure they will play well together. I never worry about Heidi. Heidi has been an overnight and weekend guest several times complete with sleep-over activities arranged by Lori's son Logan. Heidi is one of the family, well LOVED and cared for.
-K. Schultz

Lori has been taking care of my cat, Snufkin, for four years now. Snufkin has lived all over the country and has had many different sitters in her fifteen years, but Lori is the best. Because she makes the house visits herself, the consistency has allowed Snufkin (a rather shy and nervous cat) to establish a bond of trust with her. Nobody else would even be able to pick Snufkin up, let alone give her two pills a day. I love reading her detailed daily notes when I get home -- almost as good as leaving a webcam! I wouldn't entrust Snufkin to anyone else.
-R. Hayaki

It was a lucky day when I found Lori’s ad for Deluxe Pet and Home Sitters in the Yellow Pages! I had never had a pet sitter. I had relied on friends to stop in when they could, but as Purr, Skeez and Henry got older, I felt they needed more consistent attention. Lori came over and I could tell right away that my cats trusted her, so I could too. I have never had a moment’s worry when I’ve been gone. I have recommended Lori to my best friend who has a 12-year old very finicky cat. We recently traveled over seas for vacation and agreed that part of the enjoyment of the trip was knowing that Lori was in charge of our cats. We both enjoy the great log that Lori provides when her visits are complete. Besides my friend, I have also recommended Lori to a colleague at my job. She felt the same way as I when Lori came over for her initial “meet and greet” with her cat and dog. Our houses and “fur kids” are in good hands with Lori.
-D. Pearson

We have had Lori take care of Herbie, our five year old mixed Cocker Spaniel, for three years and she has done so with superb care and love. When Herbie is with Lori, we have no worries or concerns about his safety and comfort. Herbie loves being in a family atmosphere, especially to play with Logan, rather than a kennel. We appreciate all Lori does for Herbie because that allows us to visit our family and friends. Thanks Lori!!!
-Paul and Joyce Hansen Herbie too!!

I have used Deluxe Pet Sitters for 4 years. Deluxe Pet Sitters is awesome. My energetic Springer Spaniel loves Lori and I always feel safe leaving her in her hands. She gets special care and attention and always seems to have a good time when I am away. I know she gets great care and attention and it makes leaving her that much easier. Thank you!!
-S. Dietzman